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I’m so thankful they gave me my life back
The staff and therapists at Drug Rehab Raleigh are awesome, and show you how to recognize your triggers and educate you to avoid the social situations that will have you wanting to 'escape'. Drug Rehab Raleigh gave me hope that I might fix the relationships with my friends and family, and that I might have a better life. I’m so thankful they gave me my life back.
, Raleigh Jul 13, 2011

Drug Rehab Raleigh was extremely positive and successful
My entire experience at Drug Rehab Raleigh was extremely positive and successful. The staff at Drug Rehab Raleigh is also very educated and compassionate. Even though group work was the part I disliked the most, I eventually began to look forward to them. I didn’t want to share because I was humiliated and embarrassed of my behavior when I was using. After listening and having the therapists push me, I began to understand that everybody there was in the same boat as I was, and I shouldn't need to try to get sober alone.
, Raleigh Dec 18, 2011

Everything was fantastic about the house
Everything was fantastic about the house, including the meals! Living there helps you deal with the really vital parts of rehab, not menial day to day things that can cause stress or distract you. It’s in your best interest to let Drug Rehab Raleigh help you, because they have a lot more experience and training than you. Employees in Drug Rehab Raleigh helped me to open up and made my experience very positive. With all the reasons for you to get clean, there’s no good reason why you shouldn't accept assistance from the people at Drug Rehab Raleigh. All you need to do is call Drug Rehab Raleigh and ask for help, and the employees there'll take responsibility for nearly everything to get you into the program.
, Raleigh Feb 17, 2011

I’m so incredibly thankful
Drug Rehab Raleigh was comfortable, clean, and friendly. Their employees were also very experienced and educated, and each day is organized to the hour. For me, it was very important to get my family back in my life, and Drug Rehab Raleigh incorporates programs that teach your family members about dependency and how they can support you as an addict in recovery. I would never have regained my life if I hadn’t called Drug Rehab Raleigh’s hotline for help. I’m so incredibly thankful.
, Raleigh Apr 26, 2011

Drug Rehab Raleigh gave me a second opportunity
Their facility focuses on recovery, what got you to rehab, and what to do to continue a clean and sober life. Drug Rehab Raleigh gave me a second opportunity, and once I started to do things their way, all the things they promised would happen, did.
, Raleigh Sep 1, 2012

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