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Detox Centers in Raleigh supply a secure and medically supervised procedure for those that need to take step one toward recovery. The process of detoxification, often referred to as detox, goal is to remove drugs and toxins from the body, however you will need to remember the difference between detox and rehab.  Detox on its own is not treatment. Detox doesn’t need to be threatening if performed in an orderly, medically supervised environment. Detox therapies vary depending on which drug is being abused, and ‘cold turkey’ methods are not appropriate for all addictions.  In fact, cold turkey will even be dangerous in some instances, so Detox Raleigh makes use of secure and proven methods that deal with each client as individuals with different detox needs. To talk with a detox specialist, call Detox Raleigh at (919) 238-1033 now!

What to Expect from Detox

Detox Raleigh customizes the detox procedure to maximize the benefit to every client, but there are three normal stages to expect. It is vital to first review each and every client in order to determine which substance, or substances, are being abused. Some clients are addicted to more than one substance – on occasion in combination with alcohol – which can considerably affect the way detox is administered. After the client is evaluated, Detox in Raleigh starts the process of detoxifying the client’s body from drugs. Detox breaks the physical dependency to drugs, however it doesn’t rehabilitate the client, so Detox Raleigh urges their clients to enter into a custom designed treatment program as a way to promote an enduring recovery.

Why Treatment Is Important

Co-occurring psychological problems might complicate the recovery process if not accurately recognized and correctly addressed in treatment. After detox, and without additional reinforcement, addicts can easily find themselves in scenarios where they might use again. Relapse occurs more often when detox is used alone, and when addicts find themselves in the similar scenarios and places where their drug and alcohol use was once heaviest. Recovery is much more effective while the addict removed from the environment that triggers their addictive behavior.


After the initial detox process, Detox Raleigh urges continuation into one of their 28-day, 60-day, or 90-day treatment programs. Here, clients can start their rehabilitation assisted by group and individual counseling meetings, the 12-step community, engaging diversions and physical activities, and wonderful, stress-free living accommodations. These living communities mix the same, 24-hour monitored care expected from pricey inpatient facilities, with the affordability of outpatient facilities.  Additionally, clients stay busy with educational programs designed to help them reach their sobriety and lifestyle goals.

Take the First Step Today!

Although, in some instances, detox is a crucial first step, detox is just a first step, and shouldn’t be used instead of drug or alcohol rehab. Facilities that only focus on detox are not able to reinforce their clients beyond the first step, however Detox Raleigh knows their clients can preserve a sober and healthy lifestyle beyond detox with the help of a rehab program. Detox might improve physical wellbeing, but it doesn’t deal with any underlying mental triggers for drug and alcohol abuse. Facilities that only provide detox services and products can’t make certain that their clients stay clean and sober forever, however Detox Raleigh, North Carolina wants their clients to depart with the tools to battle addiction for the remainder of their lives. Speak with a detox professional regarding taking the first step towards sobriety.  Call (919) 238-1033 now!